March 3rd Scramble RESULTS

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3Man Scramble Skins


3 Man Scramble – Saturday, March 3rd
Cost: $25 plus five optional side games ($5 each per team member)

Format: 3 man Scramble, Side Games include Players Pool, Skins, Closet to the Pin, Low Gross, and Moneyball (Moneyball is where each team gets a ball and each team member rotates using the moneyball.  You play the ball until you lose it, hit it OB, or finish the entire round with it.  Whatever team keeps the ball in play the longest wins the entire money pot.  Tiebreaker will be low net score if multiple teams make it through the round with the moneyball).

Handicap: Net Flight Only. Handicaps based on 25% of A Player, 20% of B Player, and 10% of C Player).

Tees: WMGA Tees

There is room for 1 more team at this time.  Please email if interested in being added.